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Emma T 120 – English

The best value for money medical cart on the market!

Fully integrated autonomous cart (10 hours of work) : no apparent thread.

Fixed working height, screen tilting and adjustable.

Integrated 24 ’screen and computer


A trolley with real versatile storage volume
secure (stethoscope, pill organizers, hanging files).

Autonomous trolley – automatic adjustable height
Medical standards, hygiene, safety, modularity.

Prescription, telemedicine, care, mobile office

Trolley including:
Integrated battery, usable in charge, external charger, anti-tear
Swivel and height-adjustable VESA support for all types of screens, or « all-in-one » (all-in-one)
Compatible with all 230 V IT equipment

Optional :
Locking of drawers by touchscreen digicode.
Side rails, needle bin supports, waste bins …
Single / double drawers, pill boxes, hanging files …
Integration: barcode readers, webcams …
Double screens, audio system, …

Mechanically welded frame – Epoxy and chemically treated plastic

Overall dimensions: l.55 cm x h.135 to 195 cm x d.57 cm
Dimensions of the worktop: l55 cm x d.57 cm
Base dimensions: l.47 cm x h. 20 cm x depth 50 cm
Telescopic screen column: minimum height 8 cm to maximum 22 cm
Battery life: 8 h. working
4 Wheels: MB in 1st assembly / diameter x 12.5 cm (2 with brakes)

Made in France

  • 4 février 2022

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